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Medical Batteries & More!

Battery Clinic, Inc. provides the most complete line of Medical batteries, Biomedical batteries and OEM replacement medical batteries in the industry for most equipment. We offer Medical Batteries and Home Healthcare medical batteries and Replacement medical batteries, OEM medical batteries, and Custom medical batteries and battery packs for most every portable power need. We also supply a line x-ray batteries and packs since 1989. 

Our highest goal is your satisfaction.
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Medical & Biomedical Batteries

We are pleased to offer replacement Medical and Biomedical batteries and battery assemblies for most every Medical, Biomedical, and Home Healthcare device.

X-Ray Batteries & Battery Kits

Safest, Most Dependable X-RAY Battery Replacement Kits!

The Safest and Most Durable X-Ray GE AMX IV & GE AMX IV+ Battery Replacement System Available!

Portable X-Ray Battery Kit Sale!

Batteries for General Electric AMX110, AMX II, AMX 3, AMX-4, AMX-4+ (GE AMXIV & GE AMX IV+)

Complete Kits! AMX IV & AMX IV+ Fully Assembled!

Batteries & Battery Packs for all other portable units.


C-Arms and Uroview Units

Complete Kits, Fully Assembled and Tested, with Full Warranties!

OEC Diasonics C-Arms 9000, 9400, 9600, 9800, 9900

Uroview Units 2000, 2500, and 2600

Military Batteries & Accessories

Lithium-Ion Military batteries for Harris Radios and other Communications, Night Vision Equipment, Rifle Scopes, and more. Also, Antennas, Power Supplies, Military Battery Chargers, Cables, etc.

Ultralite U9VL Lithium Batteries

Ultralife U9VL-J and Ultralife U9VL-FP Lithium Batteries

U9VL-J or U9VL-FP & U9VL-X and Powerbug Ultralife Lithium 9 Volt

Batteries for:

  • Sleep & Epilepsy Centers Equipment
  • Parking Meters (Duncan POM J.J. MacKay)
  • Medical Devices & Orthofix Units
  • Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors
  • P.A.S.S Devices (Fire Dept. Man Down Units)
  • Hotel & Motel Electronic Door Locks
  • Cordless Microphones & Sound Equipment
  • Telemetry Units & Patient Monitoring Equipment
  • Museum Security & Gunlocks
  • Powerbug Battery Equal
  • Security & Alarm Systems & Much More!
  • NEW! Smaller True 9V Size Case!

Our Highest Goal is Your Satisfaction!