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Military Batteries

Battery Clinic Inc. is pleased to offer the full line of Military Batteries, Homeland Security Batteries, and Law Enforcement Batteries from the Ultralife line of Lithium, Lithium-Ion, and Lithium-Manganese Dioxide Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable line of batteries.

Ultralife is a global provider of solutions for diverse applications. Our goal is to provide Quality, Long Life, and Reliable Power Solutions for Military, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement. We carry much more than you see here. Please give us a call for more information.

Please see some of the specific products we offer below. Battery Clinic Inc. offers the best pricing and delivery times on the internet. *Some of these batteries are only sold in case or more quantities due to certain HazMat shipping requirements.

Please give us a call for your special quote or more information at 1-800-786-1511 or email us at and tell us how we may help you.

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UB1733 Military Batteries UBBL09/B Military Batteries

NSN 6135-01-214-6441

Chemistry - LiMnO2 - (Non-Rechargeable)

Voltage Range - 4 to 6.6V

Average Voltage - 6.0V

Nominal Capacity - 500mah

Pulse Capacity up to 300mah

For More Specifications Click Here (PDF)


Chemistry - LiMnO2 - (Rechargeable)

Voltage Range - 9V to 25.2V

Average Voltage - 11.1V to 22.2V

Nominal Capacity - 9.6A - 19.2A

Pulse Capacity - 18A to 36A for 5 seconds

For More Specifications Click Here (PDF)

UBBL02 Military Batteries UB0023 Military Batteries

BA-2590 UBI-2590 UBBL02

NSN 6140-01-214-6441

Chemistry - Li-Ion (Rechargeable)

Voltage Range 14.4 to 28.8V

Average Voltage - 12 to 24V

Nominal Capacity - 6 to 12 A

Pulse Capacity - 18 to 36A (5 sec.)

For More Specifications Click Here (PDF)

BA-5390A/U UB0021

NSN 6135-01-517-6060

Chemistry - LiMn02 Chemistry - LiMn02 - (Non-Rechargeable)

Voltage Range - 16.5 to 33V

Average Voltage - 15 to 30V

Nominal Capacity - 11.1 to 22.2A

Pulse Capacity - 2.5 to 5A (Continuous)

For More Specifications Click Here (PDF)


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