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X-Ray Batteries & X-Ray Battery Kits for GE AMX IV, GE AMX IV+, OEC C-Arm X-Ray Batteries & Many Others


    SureShot4+ & SureShot4 X-Ray Battery Replacement Kits for: General Electric (GE)

  • GE AMX 4+ X-Ray Kit (Assembled, Tested, Charged & Voltage Matched. Includes all Cables & Sensor.)
  • GE AMX 4 X-Ray Kit (Assembled, Tested, Charged & Voltage Matched. Includes all Cables.)
  • GE AMX4-DR (Assembled, Tested, Charged & Voltage Matched. Includes all Cables & Sensor.)
  • GE AMX 700 Definium (Assembled, Tested, Charged & Voltage Matched. All Cables & Sensor. Pending*)
  • GE AMX Optima XR200 Batteries - OEM # 0769-2007
  • Dealer, Distributor, Remanufacturer, and Volume Pricing Available!
  • We will also blind ship direct to your customer. We Offer: Better Quality, Value, and Service!

                                          New Lower Price!                                      

  • 25% More Reserve Capacity Than 18AH Systems
  • Nickel Plated Steel Terminals....Not Soft Lead
  • No Charger Board Modifications or Add-On Modules
  • Safe Out of The Machine Assembly
  • 12V 26AH High Capacity Lead-Acid AGM Batteries

We also have the SureShot X-Ray Battery Replacement System for the following GE X-Ray Portables:

  • GE AMX 3
  • GE AMX 110

The safest and easiest battery conversion kits available. Batteries and kits for all General Electric AMX portables. Other batteries for Acoma, Bennett, Philips PMX& PMX2000, Picker Techmobile & Explorer, CGR Battrix, Raytheon RMX. Great warranties, Best Buy Prices, and Excellent Knowledgeable Service.

(Please Call for equipment identification and current pricing.)

We Also Offer Original Replacement Batteries For Your Portable X-ray Machines

Hawker Energy SBS30 Hawker Energy SBS30
Original Hawker SBS30 12V26AH Batteries for GE AMX4 X-Ray Batteries
Hawker Genesis Battery Hawker Genesis Battery
Genesis by Hawker Energy 12V26AH Lead-Acid X-Ray Batteries
MD McCauley Battery CD Technologies Liberty Series Replacement Batteries for the MDM X-Ray Conversion Kits -LS12-25 (12V/25AH) X-Ray Batteries
Panasonic  batteries have a lead-tin-calcium grid alloy for outstanding performance against overcharge, over discharge, vibration and shock. (12V/28AH) X-Ray Batteries

Diasonics OEC C-Arms X-Ray Batteries and Uroview Batteries & Battery Packs

We also have batteries and replacement battery packs for:

  • OEC Diasonics C-Arms
    9000, 9400, 9600, 9800, 9900
  • GE Diasonics OEC 9800 C-Arm X-Ray MachineOEC Diasonics Uroviews
    2000, 2500, 2600

Completely assembled and tested  C-Arm X-Ray Batteries and Uroview Batteries for quality assurance before arrival to your institution.

We even offer replacement batteries and packs for most other systems sold by our competitors. Give us a call for a quote, we would be glad to help you with all your Medical Battery or X-Ray Battery needs.

We Are A Registered RBRC Recycle Center (click here)

Our Highest Goal is Your Satisfaction!