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Battery Chargers & Analyzers

  • Cadex Battery Chargers & Analyzers
  • Best Battery Charger Analyzer Available!
  • PowerSonic Battery Chargers
  • We offer Chargers & Analyzers for Lead-Acid, NI-CAD, NIMH, and Lithium-Ion Batteries

    We are proud to offer Cadex battery conditioners and analyzers. They can cut your annual battery cost by as much as 50%. Cadex offers innovative products to prolong battery life and improve battery performance. These products range from advanced analyzers featuring battery quick-test and reconditioning, to chargers capable of verifying battery state-of-health.

    Applications for wireless communications, emergency services, mobile computing, avionics, biomedical, broadcasting, defense and finance. Cadex products are sold in over 100 countries. If you want to save money and prolong the life of the batteries you buy the a Cadex Analyzer is for you.

    We also are pleased to offer a full line of PowerSonic batteries & battery chargers for all lead-acid batteries, Nimh, and Nicad battery types as well.

    Accumate Battery Charger & Maintainer

    Switchable to 6 or 12 Volt Batteries.
    Special price $57.95 USD. In Stock Now.

    The Accumate battery charger and maintainer is completely automatic, safe and simple to use. The advanced 3-stage charging program features both constant current and constant voltage charging to completely and correctly charge a variety of battery types. The Accumate will also properly maintain a battery at it's correct voltage during storage and long periods of non-use without overcharging and gassing. The Accumate is reverse polarity protected and spark proof, and features five separate LED indicator lights, three of which indicate a battery's current charge status. This unit is outstanding for charging and for maintaining batteries up to 55ah. Comes with useful ring and clip style cables that has a quick disconnect if you are only maintaining one battery.

    Designed for charging and maintaining smaller battery types from 4ah up to 55ah. Also designed to maintain automotive batteries, including older antique vehicles that may have 6 volt electrical systems.

    • Motorcycles
    • Jet Skis
    • ATVs
    • Antique Cars
    • Trucks
    • Many Other Batteries & Applications

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